Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The most attractive.

Girls, I can't even begin to explain how comfortable I am right now! No, I'm not lounging around in my pj's, or laying in my bed, or even IN my room. Instead, I'm at a little organic dining hall on the other side of campus. It's unlike any other dining hall that I've been! It reminds me of a little, serve-yourself-diner. There are quotes on the walls such as "Food is our common ground, a universal experience" (James Beard) and "Laughter is the brightest where food is best" (Irish Proverb).
I got out of my exam early and had time to kill so I decided to check this place out, and it's SO comfortable here!! I'm just sipping on my...er...3rd cup of coffee, and updating the blog! It's so small and intimate that I'm not the only one on my laptop here!! The plates and mugs look like something I would use at home and...ahhhh I'm in love!! Plus, they serve mainly organic food here and a LOT of vegetarian and vegan food. Although I'm not eating this time around, I will definitely be coming back here!
I did manage to snap a picture for all of you on my phone though. Yes I got weird looks but I just NEEDED to show you gals-

Brace yourself for the Oatmeal Bar!

From top left going clockwise: Craisins, Granola, Chocolate Chips, Raisins, Walnuts, and Brown Sugar. And this is JUST the oatmeal bar, they have peanut butter and apple sauce and maple syrup and anything else you could want, elsewhere.

Just a quick update- last night I had ANOTHER big girl Cliff Bar. And I have NEVER felt so good about it!! It was delicious and honestly..I was still a little hungry afterward! Laura? Hungry? Shocker. =p

And as for B who you are ALL so curious about- I'm not sure what to say!! He's extremely smart, and he's such a sweet heart. He's from Puerto Rico and he's a twin. It funny because he has trouble saying certain words...actually, he can't say Allegory for the life of him (he says "A-Leg-Or-E"). I just feel so comfortable with him, which seems to be the theme of the day huh?! It's nice to feel like that around someone again though. I feel like I can be myself around him, and I am. I think all of you girls would approve =] .
So what's with the title of my post!?
Well, I was watching the bachelor last night (don't even get me STARTED on THAT topic right now. I'm one angry girl!) and my friend Ben was in the room just kind of chilling and doing his homework. He's a wicked big goof, and can turn anything into a joke. Well, I'm not sure exactly what was said on the TV but he looked up and just said
"Those are the three most attractive things about a girl- the eyes, the smile, and the personality"
Wait...what? No weight? No body type, or figure? ED was FURIOUS, but I was quite the opposite. He made my night by saying this. The most attractive things about a girl are the things that are natural- Eyes can say so much, and when you're unhappy it shows. A smile is welcoming and genuine, and basically attractive even in the non-sexual way. I know I am naturally attracted to anyone with a good smile- even just in a friendly way. A smile means happiness, and why wouldn't you want to surround yourself with that? And personality, well we all know how important that is, but sometimes ED makes us focus SO much on other things, that we forget about our most important feature- the one that is hidden from strangers, and in our complete control. We are so so SO much more than this disorder, and sometimes it takes a good friend to make us realize this.



  1. um, so, since you already have a boyfriend, can i date this guy?! he sounds PERFECT! hahaha. that dining hall sounds more than comfortable - it sounds amazing! i'm coming to visit and we are making oatmeal. :) let us know how the food is when you eat there! <3

  2. That place looks amazing! You're making me super jealous and I wish I had somewhere on campus that had that kind of atomosphere and FOOD.

    Your boy sounds awesome. The best part is that you're so comfortable around him. So, his twin...is he just as awesome? And is he single?

  3. i love this! and its so true...eyes are the window to our soul, smile shows genuine happiness and our personality is WHO WE REALLY are :) have a lovely day xxx

  4. That oatmeal bar looks like heaven on earth....and B sounds like quite a catch! It's so important to have someone that you can truly be yourself around :)

  5. So.... can I get his twin's number? haha, he sounds like a keeper!

  6. awe im so happy you are finding comfort in another! its amazing that when you least expect it, love comes running towards you. I have a very "scientific" theory (haha) that people can sense confidence and happiness in others and are naturally drawn to the chemical you release--obviously that boy saw something in you and was drawn to that aspect of you! never let ED steal that happiness and new found confidence away! just keep living each day with a smile on your face, a glimmer in your eye and a confidence in your soul :)


  7. What a fabulous post, my dear!! That place sounds like a great foodie find :)

    HOORAY for the big girl Clifs!!

  8. hi hun
    thanks for sharing that quote with us from the show you were watching, its so nice to hear that weight isnt the most important thing, i mean deep down we all know that but ed likes to tell us otherwise!

    aww that place your sitting insounds so lovely, *yay* for finding it :)

    im so happy that you and B are getting along so well :)

    have a wonderful tuesday mdear
    love you lots

  9. Yay to everything in this post! I want to visit you and the oatmeal bar!

  10. aw this post made me smile so much.. between the OATMEAL BAR (lucky you!) the clif bar, your boy toy, and your friends comment.. you are just glowing with positivity. I love Ben's message - he sounds like a wonderful guy and you're lucky to have such a great friend :)

    speaking of being lucky for having a great friend - i am too for having YOUUUUUUUUUU :) <3 xo

  11. That cafe sounds amazing!!!! and the oatmeal bar!!! heaven!!! I am SOOO proud of you for eating the big gal Cliffy!!! weeeeeeeeee!!! :) :)
    Theboy sounds wonderful!! comfortable=good!
    You are also so right, my husband has told me a million times how body doesnt matter... its our soull, or very being that attracts a REAL man to you!!!

  12. First I want to say that I am in LOVE with that cafateria! An oatmeal bar? OMG!!! What a GREAT idea!

    Secondly, your friend's message is so true. Sometimes it seems girls are so much more hung up on weight than guys -- they don't care nearly as much as we think they do.

    It sounds like you are having an awesome day. I hope that continues for you. Take Care!

  13. Hi there! Don't you just love when people surprise you with the things they say and appreciate? What a great guy you have there! I'm so excited to see that you chose to elaborate on the eyes, the smile, and the personality. :) It was a beautiful message you sent out to us all today! Thank you!

  14. don't you love the dining hall at east? that's one thing i miss about having a meal plan... being able to get yummy food from east. :) by the way i wanted to tell you i am reading life without ed and it's wonderful so far... so thanks for the suggestion! :)
    - katie

  15. That oatmeal bar looks amazing! I wish I had one near me, I'm soo jealous.
    I love your quote. A certain type of body or looks can only get you so far. What's below the surface is so much more important! People will love you, because you are you.
    Have a great day!

  16. organic dining hall!? sweet beans - love the oat meal bar!!

    aww love that quote. looks only go so far

  17. the organic dining hall is awesome. it is really important that you are comfortable where you eat. ahh an oatmeal bar?! that is pretty much paradise haha

    you are totally right- we are so much more than Ed. Ed tries to convince us that we are just a number but really there is so much more there. Keep up the positivity!!!

    Much love

  18. that oat bar looks amazing! so jealous i never had one of those!

    and omg i love that bar...it is seriously one of the best ones, besides banana bread and oatmeal raisin walnut. to die for!

  19. Oh wow, he sounds super awesome!!!!!
    And I wish I had access to an oatmeal bar!!!!