Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Yes...I am lying"

Not to you girls of course, but to people in my life.
Not in a bad way though.
Lying? Good? WHAT!?!
That's right, I've been lying to my friends in order to benefit myself.
It's a simple fib. They ask me "What do you feel like doing?" or "Where do you feel like eating?"
I answer-
"It Doesn't Matter to Me!"
Well of COURSE ED wants it to matter. ED has a plan, a preference, a routine. But I tell them that I don't care, it doesn't matter, whatever THEY want.
And you know what? Life gets a little better.
I promise you.

I am in a WONDERFUL mood! Even WITH a doctor today. It's beautiful outside, I have a wonderful busy day ahead of me, my room has a new setup so I am facing the beautiful outdoors, I'm listening to some upbeat music, drinking some caffeinated soda, and just CHILLING in my room. Making bracelets of course! I'm going to let pictures do most of the talking again...simply because they CAN!

(they have these in our Organic Dining Hall! Along with tofutti sour cream. CrAzY stuff!!)


  1. So much fun!!!

    yep, your spot on! I dont have a DVD player at school, so I have to get my fix at home! Lol

  2. yay for going where your friends want to go and loving life!
    your bracelets are great :) xx

  3. So glad youre in a good mood :D it must be the luck of the irish. happy st. patty's day!

    lovely room set up and decorations! very colorful. and it's so sweet that you have an organic dining hall. lucky!

    i "lie" like that, too, with my friends. "sure, ill do whatever you guys want!" or "i'm good with wherever you want to eat". SUCH lies, but its almost like our non-ed voice is taking over and committing us to beating the bastard. yay for intimidation !!

    love ya! keep having a great day, laura.

  4. amazing girl! glad you are in a wonderful mood and those "lies" seem like good ones to me :)
    xxoxoxo j

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  6. aw, I'm so proud of you my little liar ;) And those bracelets are beautiful! I want one!!

    have a gorgeous day, Laur xo

  7. hi girlie
    im glad to hear how upbeat and happy you are :) the room looks fabulous!! and im glad today is turning out to be a nice relaxin day for you! love the braclets, thats such a cool thing to do!
    have a great afternoon,
    love you lots

  8. That's the best kind of lie, girl!! Your room is cay-oot! Seriously, love it!

  9. cute room decor!! upbeat days are the best- glad you're doing exceptionally well!!

  10. You, my friend, are an artist at both bracelets and taking fabulous pictures!

    It seems like a lot of people are in a good mood lately, which is such a nice change from a few weeks ago when everyone was feeling a bit down. It really must be this change in weather that has at least helped out.

    I am so excited because it's supposed to get in the 60s here tomorrow.

    Enjoy your day and take Care!

  11. you are so frickin cute! I LOVE your lies, that is such a great strategy :D

  12. hey girlll!

    so i'm super jealz of your food stash..and i love your wall of photos!! That is so cute! BTW..yes that was a xmas tree in my room..It stays there year round :D I'm not sure why though..lol..Anyways have a great time in this beauuutifull weather! College campus is so lively right now..I LOVE IT!
    <3youtoo girl.

  13. Beautiful bracelets Laura!
    Also, I love your dorm room, it's so colorful and cheerful!
    And lying to people by saying that it doesn't matter is completely fine. Because the more you tell yourself that, the more you will be able to relax and be carefree.

  14. Holy crap, your room is way way cuter than mine ever were! What are you going to do when you get an apartment and can do crazy stuff like paint?

  15. I love your dorm room! Looks so cozy and I can see you've jazzed it up with all sorts of personal touches. I'm loving that bracelet you made too! I want to learn!

  16. laura!!! :D

    love this post girl. the positivity, the colors, the decor, the food (organic and tofutti?!) and most importantly, you!

    lying is in our eating disordered blood. i have been working on this for a long time (mostly the lying to my parents and treatment team) because i know that i am only do myself more harm. more anxiety, stress, and lies. so great job! i love your bright outlook.

    have a super wednesday! <333 you

    p.s would you ever consider making me a recovery bracelet?

  17. AH i forgot about the BB packets! YES i just got so excited thank you thank you boo!
    and im loving your rasta bracelet girl...how'd you know thTs my fav color combo :)

  18. hi laura,

    hopefully this is not TOOOO personal.
    just wondering how you got aunt flow back>?
    did you have to go on the pill ? or did you just add more fats to your diet?
    do you take any supplements?


  19. Anonymous-

    I hope you check back here for a response! If you don't mind commenting again just to let me know that would be great! Otherwise I'll try posting the answer in one of my next posts.

    I really wish I had a real answer to give you actually. I never went on the pill, or any period inducing pills. However, ever since I started "allowing" myself peanut butter again, I've been getting my period. Usually it's every other month, but that's a lot better than never! It's tough because I AM at my lowest weight, yet I still have my period. The doctors are confused as well, but I just need to realize that having a period doesn't automatically mean I am healthy. It just means that my body is trying so very hard to recover, and I should be doing the same!

    I wish you the best of luck with getting Aunt Flow back!! She's QUITE the visitor =P And never be afraid to ask me questions that are "too personal". In my eyes, there's no such thing =]

  20. hi laura

    thank you SO much.
    you are the biggest sweetheart.

    i definitely need to add more nuts and PB in my life.
    i do eat them, but in moderation.
    i know so many girls complain about it, as did i, and now all i want is for it come back!!! and to stay for good!!!

    you are one strong chica.
    i KNOW you can do it!!!
    life is about passion + living it to the fullest - cake and all!!!!

    thank you.

  21. im so glad your havibg such a good day :)
    xxx peony