Sunday, March 15, 2009

You know the drill!

Quick Back-to-school food post before I begin my night of chemistry, and of course, the Amazing Race!!

I'll let the pictures do (most of) the talking!

(Please note the bottom right)

Hot cocoa, oatmeal, cream of wheat, PB GALORE!

Bars Bars Bars Bars Popcorn Ritz Bars Bars Bars...

Blah. For my coffee...

Bad picture. Too much food.

Cheese, Greek Yogurt, Peanut Butter, Salsa, Veggie Meat, Silk.

I took over the freezer....veggies burgers, Vitatops, greek yogurt.

Cottage Cheese, WHITE sweet potatoes.

My drug!

That's all, that's all.
Ben says hi.


  1. You have got one FABULOUS stash - Chobs, CC, nut butters, coffee!! Good luck with Chem and HI Ben! ;)

  2. White sweet potatoes are the best! Good luck with your hw!

  3. OMGZZZZ I WANT!!!!!!
    I need some PB. :(

  4. haha girl i am so jel. your food is so organized too! mines all just thrown in a huge big under my bedddd.

    Good luck with that chem, love-a-dooooo :)

  5. Great eats!!! Good luck with chem!

  6. Love the eats. Hope chem goes well- Im a nerd I love chem

  7. looks like you are all stocked up :) good luck with the rest of your semester xoxox

  8. everything looks fantatic, your well stocked up :) thats what i like to see!!
    have a great day hun
    much love

  9. i love your pyramid collection of pb! :D and annies chocolate bunnies?! my favorite!

    im glad you are set with eats and safely back at school. have a fantastic mondayd sweetie!

    love you! <3

    p.s i watch the amazing race too! (never missed a season haha)

  10. Ooh, I am coveting your peanut butter and bar collections! Yum :)

  11. Great haul! The food looks fabulous! And I have never seen that flavor of coffee before but it looks great!

    Take Care!

  12. Where did you find the white sweet potatoes? We can't find them anywhere, but then sometimes get a "surprise" when we cut open one!
    Great foods.
    Keep up the great work at school.

  13. Sheese-laweese you are organized. I wish my college food pantry (under my bed) looked that good.


  14. Wowzers.....I want it all! :D

    P.s. you did freaking amazing with the GG thing! It was all from the same episode (the spring break one like you said)
    1. Right
    2. Nicole and Luke just got back from their cruise where they got married and they are having a rocky start. They have been fighting and he goes up to his room and finds some socks that aren't his. He discusses it with Lorelai at the bar in the diner and she says this.
    3. Girl, you are good! Yea, it's all the spring break episode (They do SOOO much in one episode!)
    4. Yes ma'am
    5. Lorelai just bailed Luke out of jail because he was caught kicking the car outside of Nicole's house....and they are standing outside of Nicole's house and the car is STILL parked outside of her house, so Luke assumes they are getting intimate inside and he is angry and he says this's a sexual innuendo! lol

    I made them hard b/c I thought I had an arsenal of GG Addicts out there....turns out I only have One! LOL jk love all you girlies!