Monday, April 6, 2009


Experiences are what make our lives worth while, aren't they? Everything we do is an experience, and I wanted to make this post mainly a picture recap of experiences I have had over the past few years. Why am I doing this? To remember that life IS worth it. That MY life has been MORE than my eating disorder, and the farther away I get from it- the better off I will be. Two things first though:

1. I am unbelievably enthralled by the number of new reader (and older reader!) comments I have been receiving! Thank you SO much everyone! Every time I get an email about a new comment my face just LIGHTS up!

2. I had an Oikos greek yogurt with my breakfast this morning. Honey to be exact. And HOLY MOLEY I can't believe how amazing it is! I remember Jaime mentioning a few posts ago that she may have liked it better than Chobani, and I yelled at her it! I was so dedicated to my dear Chobs, but girls...I must tell you....this flavor DEFINITELY pulled ahead! It wasy creamy, tart, with the perfect amount of sweetness. And the honey was all at the bottom, which I don't understand WHAT is so appealing to me about getting to stir it all up, but it sure is! I wish I grabbed more than just one of this flavor! Guess I'll just have to buy some more ;-) Oh...and here's a phone picture for your viewing pleasure:

Now to the pictures!

All of these things are what I LIVE for!

 the way, I changed my major to Natural Resource Management with a concentration in Wildlife Conservation. Judging by these pictures...I think I made the right decision =]



  1. Hey girl. I absolutely love your blog. Those pictures are so beautiful, and YOU are so beautiful! I couldn't agree with you more in the fact that life is SO worth it :)

    I also love Oikos! It was actually the first greek yog that I'd ever about good beginnings! I haven't found a brand that compares to it yet. Probably never will! I like to mix the vanilla flavor with granola.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. YES YES YES!!! I am SO happy about the major change! You have no idea how excited I am for you. ANY more questions/comments/whatever, please email me!

  3. Beautiful post Laur, and I'm glad you like the oikos! I've just recently made the transition and i am a little addicted :)

    congrats on changing your major! you have such a bright future ahead of you and i am so excited for you to embrace it, girl!

    have a good day love xoxo

  4. Kitties, graduation, animals.. I live for it all too. Life, and a happy life at that, is SOO worth it.

    Looks like you'll do wonderful with your major! And don't be afraid to change it again if you change your mind, I'm on my 3rd major, but this time I know I'm sticking with it!


  5. What an awesome major!
    Do you have a pet owl?
    What a huge cat!
    Glad to hear you are doing well.

  6. Awee! It def. sounds like you made the right decision! I'm a dietetics major right now..and I completely agree with you that it does NOT help with recovery. I really am at a loss to what to do though...Nutrition is a big passion of mine..I don't know what I would change to..but I'm so happy that you have found a new major! I hope you have a great day girl! <3 ya!

  7. Oh my gosh, what an awesome major!!! =D

  8. I'm SO SO SO glad you changed your major!!!!!! Doesn't it feel good?!
    I haven't tried Oikos yet - you've convinced me that I need to though!!
    Have a great day/night girl.
    Thanks for such a motivational, inspiring post!
    Love always,

  9. Glad you like the Oikos, babydoll!! I love love love all the pictures! I'm so glad you've found a new major!

  10. Hey Laura,
    Thanks for the nice comment earlier ;) It's great to hear from you-- I have only recently started reading your blog but I can really relate to what you've been going through and you have a very proactive good outlook on treatment and recovery. Your blog is great :) Congrats on choosing your major--trust me, I know how hard that can be?! That's a great major and I think you'll be very happy with it! :D

  11. AWESOME major! Something that seems to speak to your passions and will make you proud every day!

  12. Ooh, owls are so pretty. I love barn owls.

    Your major sounds so fascinating! And definitely worthwhile.

  13. Ya I can't think of a major that you seem better suited for (judging by those AWESOME pics!) I don't think I've ever met someone who's held an owl! Sweet! All those pics just show how fun and gorgeous you are, it's obvious that you make the lives of everyone around you so filled with smiles and good times!

  14. That picture of you on the swing is so cute! It definitely sounds like you made the right decision in changing your major. I love conservation too but I've only ever done it on a voluntary basis :) this was such a lovely post!

  15. Glad you found a new major! It definitely seems like the right thing for you. I'm so happy for you! These pictures prove that you have so many good things ahead of you!

    Enjoy your tuesday, love!

  16. hey hun
    beautiful pics :) i definetly think the new major suits you,im so glad you found something your so passionate about :)
    enjoy your day sweetie
    much love

  17. Yes, your life is more than your eating disorder. I am glad to see that you are finding your passion for life. Love the pics and the blog!!!!!

  18. gorgeous glad your embracing what you want in life! xxxx

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  20. so glad for your new experiences. love the pics. glad you like oikos! lol you yelled at me? bad girl!! see you gotta try it out before you judge :) hehe so glad you loved it xo

  21. beautiful pictures!

  22. Yay for switching your major!! I love the picture with you and your cat! :)

  23. What a Great post Laura!!!! I really loved all the pix, im so happy you chose a knew major and its something that you will love! Its so great that your able to separate YOUR thoughts from Eds!
    <3 <3 <3

  24. Great post, Laura! I'm so proud of you.

    I went through a very similar experience RE: changing my major - I was a Biomedical science/premed major for 2 yrs, and realized that I hated my classes, and disliked everything about school (except for the medical stuff!) I changed my major to Psychology and English, and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE school and what I'm studying.

    I hope that this will be the same for you. Once you discover what you really love, and follow that LOVE, you will find incredible happiness!!

    Have a fabulous day!

  25. Congradulations on the change in majors! That is so wonderful. I am glad you are choosing what makes YOU happy, not what ED thinks is a good idea. I am glad to be seeing more of Laura lately - I like her.

    Huge coincidence : I had an Oikos Honey Greek yogurt this morning as part of my breakfast too. Crazy, huh?

    I also really wanted to say thank you for the comment you left me - it was so sweet and kind and encouraging. I really appreciated it a lot, and you totally brightened my morning.


  26. Your welcome! lol

    Awesome pics girl! Sounds like a great major!

    I have got to get to the store and check out that yogurt!

  27. You are a beautiful young woman!!

    Like oh my goodness.. I just love all those photos.. especially the one of you on the swing.. I truly feel the happiness glowing through my lap top screen.

    Life is DEFINITELY work it. There are so many great experiences to have and wonderful people to meet :)

    much love darling,

    your major seems like the perfect fit for you!

  28. I love this post! It really shows who you are and shows you shining through without ED.

    Keep on shining! Take Care!

  29. These are ALL beautiful, and definately reasons to beat ED! you shine, girl!

  30. Hi Laura! Your major seems so perfect for you! The owl looks really funny :)

    Ouu, everyone seems to be trying out the Oikos yogurt! But I can't seem to find any here (Canada).

    Hope you have a great day!