Friday, August 7, 2009

Excuse the language.

Conversation. Bold=me. Italics=boy from school.

So you want to go swimming with me when we get back?
Sure! I lost my old swimming partner so just let me know =)
Ok cool. I'm just warning you I'm really bad now. I'll swim one lap and be tired!
Haha it's okay. I haven't done ANYTHING all summer. you must be HUUUGGGEEE now!


I'm still ME.
I'm not HUGE.
Even if I was HUGE, it doesn't matter.
It pisses me off that he KNOWS what I am going through.
But he really has NO idea.
You know what I'm doing tomorrow?
Not measuring.
(Except coffee and oats...)
No more tablespoons and quarter cups.
Only my eyes.
My hands.
And my belly.


  1. GOOD FOR YOU LAURA!!! I am so proud of you!!!!! arg people are so fucking stupid ... i am SO happy you are able to turn something so ignorant and frustrating into motivation and not something negative. I LOVE YOU

    that boy is a complete air head and should be ignored,
    when I read that little conversation I was so annoyed, how dare he
    of course you're not huge
    that is so stupid
    he said he's a bad swimmer and he doesn't think he's huge obviously, so why would you be any different?
    hehe :D sorry for the ramble
    just so you knew you've got support!

  3. Woah that boy is an ass!
    Yay for not measuring anything :) Go you.

  4. why the fuck would he say something like that, ever? what an immature dick. I'm so proud of you for saying fuck that shit, cuz seriously, fuck it. you are beautiful

  5. Man, you have every right to be ripshit angry! Good for you for not letting it get to you. Go girl!

  6. Good for you Laura!!! He clearly just doesn't understand the emotional side of what your working on. I hope all goes well as you eat INTUITIVELY = ) And I see your pix chica your no where even close to huge, I really like what you said its a fabulous point even if you where that really doesnt matter! I love that sweater you have on btw its adorable, and so are you!!
    <3 <3<3 <3 <3

  7. well done! this is so positive! & props for turning someone's ignorant comment into somethin' AWESOME! you rule.

    L. x

  8. whoa what a complete ass. I am glad that you were able to ignore him because you are gorgeous! I think its great that your not going to listen to your body and not what a measuring cup says is the right amount of food. Keep fighting girl <3

  9. what a freaking jerk. you are BEAUTIFUL my dear.
    hell yes for no measuring!! I hope you feel nice and free!

  10. you are amazing! that boy is a douchebag.
    enough said.

  11. i hate dumb people and their hurtful comments. my friend who HAD AN ED (i think she still battles it which is why she makes comments) is SO TRIGGERING AND MEAN TO ME. it's like a competition. but you know what? you go girl for keeping your head on straight and NOT MEASURING! woooweee

  12. you go Laura! that guy obviously was not thinking when he spoke and I'm happy that you can see past his ignorance. keep on loving life!