Sunday, August 30, 2009

Picture Post.

Yes, that is my roommate.
Yes, we have 3 fridges.
Yes, I am making a collage on my wall (are you REALLY surprised!?!)
Yes, I took a picture of our toilet.
Yes...I am happy.


  1. ah can i move in?! seriously -- 3 fridges?! why do i have a feeling that greek yogurt will occupy at least 2 of them?! ;). and is that back to nature single serve cups i spy? where on earth did you find those!?

    and where are you living, doll?

    okay - now that i'm done with 21 questions .. have a great day my gorgeous huskie :)

  2. AW!!!!! are you a freshman in college? GAH i miss that. PLEASE enjoy it and treat yourself to lots of drinking and late night pizza and study hard but not too hard and just relax and have fun. i'm a senior and looking back on it, freshman year was THE BEST. so live it up girl! have fun!

    p.s. where do you go to school? lucky to have your own bathroom, etc. and your room looks pretty big for a freshman dorm!!!

  3. 3 fridges! YES! Love the setup. Hope you're having fun! Your roommate is silly, gotta love her!

  4. 3 fridges!!! im jealouse!! taft doesnt allow refrigerators in the dorm rooms :( I am probably going to die of a lack of greek yogurt this year

    have a great time darling. i am so proud of you for how far you have come. keep kicking ass!

  5. 3 fridges!!?? YES! thats how to do ;-)
    i need to get me some groceries.. dang, you are nicley stocked! jelous :)
    love your little magnet/quote!!
    and awesome space too!!

  6. yay! im so happy you got to go to school. it looks like you've got quite the set up for success!

  7. awww, love this post. i maybe rrlyyyyy weird but i like seeing the minutiae of other people's lives; their fridge, their desk, their bed. definitely gives me an idea of what kind of person they are!

    i'm so happy for you. you deserve to be happy & livin' it up!

    L. x

  8. Super cute room! You look so happy - best of luck to you this school year!

  9. amazing room
    mind if I move in too? it looks really cool!
    love your posts!

  10. Your room looks awesome. Glad that you are happy. Have a great semester!

  11. 3 Fridges! Wow.
    Wonder how many fridges my uni halls will have XD
    Your room looks so totally awesome, enjoy school ;p

  12. hahaha your room looks good. i like the toilet. jk. i like the fridges!!! love you

  13. Your room looks great and great view.


  14. You'll have a blast in college! Love your room setup! :D

  15. 'yes...i am happy' <----- that made me grin!
    Keep smiling girl x

  16. That looks great! I hope you enjoy it...
    Wish you the best of luck!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  17. I came across your blog (from somewhere!) and I got SO excited. GO HUSKIES!! I am a '05 alum and my little brother who's there now lived in the Suites last year. I miss it SO MUCH!! Treasure and enjoy all the time you're there :) Congrats on starting the year!

    I love your blog as well - you are so open and courageous!

  18. Ahhh everything looks so exciting, and so do you! I'm so happy that you're loving it - and I can certainly tell by that beautiful smile that things are so good right now. Amen to that!


  19. p.s. WOO MR. COFFEEE! My homeboy!

  20. I'm so excited for you!! Seems like things are really going well. Woohoo!!
    <3 jess