Sunday, August 23, 2009

The post you've all been waiting for.'s probably not THE post. I believe tomorrow's post will be more interesting, seeing as it's the post that is going to tell everyone whether or not I will be attending college next SATURDAY. I'm terrified out of my mind as to how my doctor's appointment is going to go tomorrow morning. Let me explain why...

Last week I packed my bags, and hopped a plane to Mizzou.

Isn't Missouri so...unique...?

Okay, okay. So aside from going to see the beautiful scenery...I went to go see this beauty:

Don't you worry, she doesn't really wear those glasses. We both had a shot too many of tequila, and this was the result. Clearly she is affected a bit more than I am =P

Well. Things didn't work out QUITE as expected. She told me that she would buy a few "essentials" for me (ie. peanut butter, soy milk, and bread) however, none of that was purchased. In fact...she hadn't even MOVED IN to her apartment when I got there. She wasn't prepared, and I wasn't prepared for her being unprepared. So although I would love to say that I took on that challenge like a CHAMP, I didn't. I knew what was best for me, and ended up leaving a few days earlier. It was fun while it lasted though!

I did come home to quite a nice surprise however:

Yep, that's right...RUDI'S products!! I was in CARB heaven!! I've only ever had the honey wheat bagels, and was OVERLY excited to receive these free samples! So far I've tried the multigrain oat bread (which tastes strikingly similar to Panera's Honey Wheat bread), the spelt tortilla's, and the cinnamon raisin bagels. My opinion? Thumbs up...and up...and up...and up!! The tortilla's ESPECIALLY! I am pretty picky when it comes to tortilla/wraps, and have had trouble finding (non-low carb) wraps that aren't too hard, but aren't too soft. Although these are on the smaller side, the nutritionals definitely make up for it, plus that just means I can taste the components of the wrap more! I highly recommend!

Over the past few weeks, I've also made a couple new friends...

Old Wessex and I caught up a bit after a brief hiatus...

And then I introduced the two!!

Fact: I've never cooked bananas in my oats before.
Reason: as much as I SAY it's because eating bananas makes my bathroom trips a bit too infrequent (TMI???), it's ACTUALLY because they are a bit of a fear food for me. But the moment the aroma of cooking oats, cinnamon, and banana hit my nostrils I knew I would never look back.

In addition to the banana...the smoothie and I have gotten a bit closer than usual (actually, there is no USUAL. We've been introduced again after a very long period of smoothie-less living). A container of chobs, a cup of frozen berries, and a splash or two of vanilla soymilk= thick as molasses, purple bliss (eaten with a spoon of course!).

Something else I've been enjoying is our newly enclosed patio! It's still being beautified...however it's such a great place to enjoy the outdoors without sweating like a beast!!

And lastly, before dinner is consumed, I wanted to show you a couple of my family members!

Ciara- she's got a whole lotta fur, and nearly no personality. She can chase a laser like it's her job, and prides herself in her ability to lay down with such force we're surprised she doesn't break the floor.

Jasmine: she's the social butterfly. The one that's always hungry, and has no idea that there is a line running straight down her face. She squeaks when she meows and will knead your chest until there's blood.

Sophie: the one with big talk but absolutely no game. She's a spaz, but a cuddler. She cries when she's happy, and barks at anything that moves. Her ears are too big for her head, and her head is too small for her body.

Well...I'm off. I hope you enjoyed this lengthy post. The rest of my night includes dinner, a movie, and a whole lot of melatonin (for without stress level would make for the longest, sleepless night I will ever have). Tomorrow morning my future will be determined. Wish me luck.



  1. good luck with the weigh-in Laur! I'll be thinking of you all day :)!

    love you gorgeous!

  2. Looks like a fun trip...especially the tequila whom I may or may not have had a few shots of this past weekend too. Good luck tomorrow at the doctor's. I've been curious about Rudi's products. Tell me more!

  3. HI, I am relatively new to your blog, but I love reading. Just wanted to wish you luck at your doctors appointment this week!

  4. that cat of yours gave me quite the chuckle :) something to put a smile on my face during these crappy days.
    im glad you had a good few days on your trip! congrats for making the decision that was best for you!
    i hope everything goes well on your doctor's visit tomorrow--waterload! if things dont work out though, just know you arent the only one missing out on school this semester :( we can get through it together

  5. Beautful animals :)
    I hope the doctors appointment goes really well
    Katie x

  6. Goooood luck! I'll be thinking of ya.

  7. glad you conquered bananas in your oatmeal. it's basically the best tasting breakfast you can get! your pets are adorable too. Jasmine's face is so different and endearing. Good luck with everything today!

  8. hope the appointment goes well/has gone well!

    that little package you came home to looks amazing! i'm so jealous!

    your animals are gorgeous - i want them all. i'm a sucker for furry friends.

    L. x

  9. I miss you! You are a good egg. A great soul. Good luck in college. You're going to do great. <3 Sarah