Wednesday, September 16, 2009

College, College, College...

Hello Hello!
I'm quite the phantom-blogger aren't I? The occasional comment here and there, but otherwise I'm nowhere to be found! College this year is simply amazing...SO much better than last year when I was skipping class to live at the gym, and isolating myself in my dorm room. This semester I'm pushing myself to be social, eating reg
ularly, only going to the gym every other day to do weights (no cardio for this girl!), and just loving the change. Having my car on campus is such a relief to me- just knowing that I can go home at any time if I need to is extremely comforting.

I wish I had more to say and update you girls on, but the truth is- there's just too much! I've been challenging myself (remember my weekend at my roommates house? Well they didn't have ANY wheat bread at I had to eat white bread....and I survived =P). Oh...and don't forget:

PRINNY!!! (AKA Princess) She slept with me both nights I stayed there. Love.
I've also been walking a lot around campus, and trying to balance my meals accordingly. And judging by my last doctors appointment...I'm doing a pretty damn good job at it!

Other things I've been doing/working on:

I got together with my girl Libby from CEDC

Got a CHANEL makeover!

I've been drinking coffee....a LOT of coffee...

I've been decorating...

(curtains are coming soon to a window near ME )

And just a few random comments/questions:
-Thanks to everyone who came out of the blogging shadows and introduced themselves to me!!!! I love hearing from you girls <3
-The cold turkey diet cola thing wasn't working for me, but I guarantee that I have at MAX just a cup or two a day. No more....and not EVERY day. I already feel better!
-I've been working on eating less volume and more density. Not in the restricting sort of way, just in the "instead of a plate full of salad, I'm going to have a pb sandwich" sort of way. My body loves me.

One last question (actually...the ONLY question):
For those of your who converted from blogger to it easier to use? Part of the reason I don't update so much is because it takes a while to "pull" all of the pictures down, and get everything laid out right.

I'm off to do a little thing called homework. Catch you on the flip side!!


  1. Hey Laura!! i'm one of those anonymous lurkers and i've been reading your blog for a while and i decided that today i would introduce myself! I think your blog is amazing, i have some struggles of my own (exercise maniac, obsessive, blah blah blah) and i think you are doing an amazing job, you really inspire me, and congratulations :) your blog is awesome :) have a lovely wednesday!! ^^
    happy mexican independence day by the way :P (i'm mexican :P)

    xoxo, ^^

  2. I thnk it's so great that you see and realize the difference at college compared to last year! Maybe it sounds strange, because I don't really know you, but I'm so proud!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  3. It sounds like you're having a great time at college and I'm glad you're getting to enjoy it, meet new people and enjoy your room.
    I've tried both blogger and wordpress and settled on wordpress. I find it's so much easier to write your posts on Windows Live Writer then upload them to your blog when you're done. You don't have to be on the internet to write your post, only to transfer it to your blog.


  4. Love this post. I'm so glad school is going well! <3

  5. sounds like you're having a good time this year. I'm happy for you! and for the record, pb&j sandwiches beat salads any day of the week ;)

  6. 1. love that you hopped on the iced coffee train
    2. love that you are happy and living life more and not worrying about the small things as much (major step!)
    3. awesome with challenging yourself with foods!
    4. strength training = strong and sexy!

    keep it up babycakes!


  7. You are so cool, haha, I wish I could meet you! You're seriously the epitome of cool!
    Ahhh I could never give up diet coke, I have managed (by your inspiration) to cut down to one can a I just have to stop stocking up on 50 cans in the cupboard!
    Your room looks AMAZING you have a real skill there!

  8. Good for you girl!! Glad to hear school is going well and that you're having fun and enjoying it too. :D

    LOVE Princess...such a cute picture! :D

  9. WOW. you are SUCH an inspiration. i'm back at school for my senior year, and instead of doing better like you seem to be, i'm doing worse. bahh. but you know what? you are inspiring me to do what i need to do to get back on track, especially when you said you don't do cardio. i need to cut it out asap or i'll never gain all my weight back!

  10. Hey girl! I just actually started my blog on wordpress (I came from doing a just journal type thing on blogspot). At first I was totally overwhelmed...but I like it SO much better because I think it has so many more options.
    Glad things are going well!!!
    Im Molly by the way, you can check out my new blog at:

    enjoy the rest of your day! :)

  11. firstly, i love that quote on your wall <3

    i am so pleased that you're enjoying college so much. you are awesome and such an inspiration. you sound like you are really kicking ass!

    Princess is so cute! lovies.

    i've never used blogspot but wordpress layouts are cuter and i think its prettayyy easy to use.

    you rock girlfriend!

    L. x

  12. I'm so glad this year at college is going well! So happy for you and glad that you're living and loving life!! :)
    <3 jess

  13. Have I ever told you that I LOVE YOU and that you are my insperation!!!! it is AMAZING to hear that you are doing so well. I am so, so glad. You are seriously making Ed youre bitch and i LOVE it!!! Keep it up, you are seriously doing this. And i'm glad you are drinking LOTS of coffee and some COLA!

  14. love you laura. you are so inspirational