Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quick Quick!!

I was having blog-posting withdrawels, so I decided to satisfy it with a pseudo post.

Recap of some major/minor (you decide) points of my life:

(I gave up diet-cola....this is my LAST one (minus a fresca last night....don't judge)

I worked on my wall collage, and wrote the September due-dates on my calendar...

I bit the bullet and added a bit of CREAM to my coffee....along with soy milk of course.

As for this weekend...

I'm seeing this beautiful lady, whom I haven't seen since my CEDC days:

THEN I'm going home to my roomy's house for the weekend.
She has a dachshund.
Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with dachshunds?

But I have goals, my friends....BIG goals.

+No more diet cola (I decided I'm going to say "Unless at a party", because cold Turkey isn't my style!)
+Less veggies, more substantial food!
+Laugh more!
+Loosen up
+Continue no gym (I can't believe I'm doing so well with this!)

I had more...but they will be added later!

Peace out cub-scouts!



  1. good for you! diet coke is definitely not worth all the chemicals. hope you have fun this weekend :)

  2. You rock Laura!!!!!!!
    Elise :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend you've got planned!
    p.s. I love your goals :)

  4. your goals make me happy :) as do you!

    have a great weekend with your girlfraaaan! xo

  5. just found your blog- love it! thats awesome that you kicked the diet soda habit (fresca is my all time fav!!! mmmmm!). and okay we have something else in common- daschunds = my life! i have 3! they are da bombbbbbbb :) just started my own blog- so check it out! can't wait to read more of yours! xo, whit

  6. have fun seeing your friend! I am really proud of you for not drinking diet coke anymore. i dont think that is something that i will ever be able to do.

    have a good weekend!

  7. I very rarely drink any fizzy drinks I don't like the fizz and if I do get one I have to let it go flat first, weird I know :)


  8. You know whats good for the no soft drink thing is some seltzer water. I did that when i was weaning off. As for now im with you on the whole... drink less soday thing.

    Im also taking a gym break atm. How have you ben dealing with it? Ive been getting anzious beyond all reason it seems.

  9. i saw how that girl you are going to visit has a quinnipiac shirt on...does she go? cuz that's where i go.

  10. Oh, good luck with the diet drinks...I hope you can resist them...maybe that will give me more motivation to give them up myself. I still have an addiction to them, esp in this 100 degree weather.
    And I also used to overload on veggies, but found out there IS such a thing as TOO MUCH veggies. I literally had a belly swelled up the size of a watermelon having to eat enough substantial food. I was just causing unnecessary pain upon myself!

  11. how do you deal with no exercise? this is something i struggle with too much. it is a stress-reliever for me, and without it i feel weird. also, props on no diet soda. soda in general is bad for you, diet or regular. i try to avoid it altogether (although every once in awhile....well, you know. nobody's perfect!).

    you are SO strong, way to go!

  12. you are seriously my idol
    no exercise - I'm doing this at the moment and you seem way more optimistic!
    diet coke - hmmm...oh well! more for me mwahahahah (evil laugh)

  13. Good luck on your diet coke:D And you definitely can stay strong on the no-exercise!

    Sounds like great plans, have fun:DDD

  14. ummmm why are you giving up diet coke? i dont understand?

  15. Those are some rockin' goals. & i'm with you on giving up diet coke (though it was pepsi max that was my drug/drink of choice) i drink it when i'm out (with some, er, vodka) but nowhere else. its so much better - LIVE FREE WITHOUT DIET COKE! haha.

    hope you have fun with your friendy.

    & i heart your wall collage. i need to makes me one of those.

    L. x

  16. Great goals! Enjoy the time with your friend!
    <3 jess

  17. Great goals, and good luck! Have fun this week/weekend!

  18. Aren't daschunds just the cutest little things? They make me so happy. :)

    Keep up your great attitude...and goals!! I think we could all afford to smile and laugh a little more, so I'm adding that to my list of goals too. :)

  19. i love coke zero. and i love you. miss you!