Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Rhodey

Hello Hello!!
I'm amazed by how much feedback I received on the Cheerio ad! A part of me was worried that I was "looking too deep into it" or "over-reacting", but hearing your responses confirmed that the ad was, in fact, an absolutely terrible way to market a product....especially a company that is THOUGHT to promote healthy living. You can be sure that both my mother and I sent complaint emails to the company. I felt it was needed.

Anyways...judging by the title you could have probably guessed that I spent my weekend at home in little 'ol Rhode Island. I'm not going to lie, I absolutely LOVE visiting home...especially during this time of year. There are just so many things to do, and see, and coffee to drink, and family to visit, and gosh...the list goes on. This weekend, however, included INSANE amounts of shopping! You'll be seeing new clothes as time ticks away....but until then, I also colored my hair:

My hair isn't actually as dark as the picture makes it seem...but, I'm thinking that darker might be better next time around!

Here are also some pictures I took around my casa...please excuse my attempts to be somewhat artistic. IE the weird angles. (Oh, and blogger makes my pictures grainy! No fair...)

Can you tell I absolutely love that tree? It just blows my mind with how colorful it becomes in the fall!

As for everything else this weekend...I wish I had more thumbs to raise up, because it was incredible. I ate better than I have since CEDC days, I went to my favorite country store with my dad, to a consignment shop with my mom, shopping with my sister, and basically just enjoyed myself! I made candy apples, drank coffee from 5 different coffee houses (none of which were 'the bucks'), and actually relaxed. Anxiety was controlled, ED was hushed, and LAURA was here.



  1. smiling from ear to ear for you, girl. i totally know what you mean about being home this time of year... i haven't been "home during the fall" for four years, and it's really hard. it always tends to be when i get the most down on myself, stressed, lonely, ect. i just LOVE being home, watching the trees change color and sipping on apple cider. you know, the simple things. :)

    keep moving forward, love... you've come SO far! xo

  2. I like your hair that color! and i think dark hair looks better as the weather gets colder! I don't know why i associate light hair with the summer and dark hair with the autumn and winter :P
    I ADORE the pics!!! so bad the trees don't get so orange over here.. hehe it doesn't feel like autumn! i'm more of a hotter weather but i love the fall :):):) because of halloween, my bday, pumpkins, i dont know :P
    glad you had a great time this weekend :)

  3. aw, I'm happy you had such an enjoyable weekend at home :) and the pictures are really cool! I especially like the perspective of the leaves on the ground.

  4. your hair looks great, very healthy shiny and lovely

  5. such beautiful photos!!
    and beautiful YOU! love your hair!

  6. What a beautiful pictures and I think it' great you send that company an e-mail!

    And it's even more great that you had such a good time, you won't believe how happy I am for you girl! The real Laura was there and enjoyed herself, way to go! I'm so, so proud:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  7. I love the Autumnal colours in your pictures. I'm glad you enjoyed your time at home.


  8. you were born to be a brunette! sooooo amazing gorgeous, Laur :)

    p.s. how are things going with the boy?! I'm so in to your love life! kind of creepy... ah well !

  9. laura i adore your hair!! you look so pretty :)
    oh I just love new england fall with all the trees! such a pretty time of the year.

  10. Love your hair!!

    Glad you are enjoying the autumn beauty...and your wonderful LIFE :-)

  11. This post made me smile from start to finish!

  12. Fall time is the best. Today here in Atlanta the trees finally started changing color!
    But I've got to admit, the New England region has the best fall foliage!