Saturday, November 7, 2009

A plethora of things.

SOOOO much to talk about, so little time!!
I'm going to get most of the typing out of the way, and then let the pictures do the talking (sort of).
First and foremost, please listen to this song. It's country-ish...and I know a lot of people have a deep hatred for anything country, but trust me on this one- it's worth the listen.

Next (I'm going to try and get the extremely random things out of the way first) I wanted to share with you my first experience with a Think Thin bar. Now, I've always avoided these because I definitely didn't agree with their marketing tactic (AKA the thin part of the name) but today I figured I would give it a shot. I liked the idea of having two "bites" in a package, and you really can't go wrong with chocolate and toffee. ENTER: Chocolate Toffee Nut Think Thin BITES! I had a preconceived notion (is that the right term?) that this was going to be extremely chewy, since toffee usually my mind at least. But these little bites were soft and crumbly, and SO much better than I would have expected. The ingedient list is...interesting, but the taste made up for it. I highly recommend.

Also, two things I am LOVING recently-

Scrabble and Starbucks Holiday cups. Just sayin'.

Yesterday morning, I believe, I read a post by Lexi about things that she wants to do in the near future. So as I was sitting in my Chemistry class paying no attention whatsoever, I decided to start a short list myself. This is what I came up with:

Things I want to do...hell, things I WILL do:

taste coffee from all different coffee shops

-read...a lot...books, newspapers, journals, textbooks....
-laugh until my stomach hurts
-spend and entire day outdoors
-volunteer, donate, offer advice, TAKE advice
-tell those I love that I love them
-go for a drive with no destination
-love myself

It's a pretty short list, but it's quality of quantity. As I was re-reading it in class, I realized that one thing I truly missed about being healthy was my ability to laugh until my stomach hurts. I know I talk about this a lot...but laughing is such an
enjoyable thing to be able to do, and to genuinely laugh until there are pains in your stomach and you can't breathe- THAT to me is happiness. I thought to myself "there is no way that's going to be happening any time in the NEAR future" but I was wrong. Absolutely, 100% wrong...because would you imagine that 12 hours after I wrote that I was keeled over in pain- from LAUGHING?!?

Guess who was responsible for this stomach cramping?
My girl Carly.

Isn't she a hottie?

But no, really...I wish I could explain to all of you (and her!) how much I fucking love her. I could probably write a book about this girl, and be laughing the entire time. She is an inspiration, a best friend, and someone I don't know WHAT I did without. If I had more time...I would just keep on typing about her, but Carly- just know how thankful I am that you're in my life.

Speaking of yesterday, the reason I saw her is because THIS lovely lady turned 18!!

And what ELSE would you do on your 18th birthday but get a tattoo...

and blow out some candles...

and get into a food fight?!

I'll admit, having a get-together with all girls who went to an Eating Disorder center seemed like a not-so-good idea at first, but it actually worked out and I met some really awesome girls!!

And look, the cake was actually a bunch of cupcakes! Genius!!!

Once I bid farewell to the loves of my life, I came back to the U of Conn and called up my boy John. We decided to go exploring (because what ELSE is there to do in Storrs?) and my camera came with me:


Okay okay, I know you're probably getting sick of seeing him on my blog...but I have such a good time with him, so I'm not going to stop.

I'm also practicing being assertive. It's a working progress.

Dinner time though!! I hope everyone had a great Saturday and continues having a great weekend!!!

<3 Laura



  1. your positivity just radiates off the screen! you are incredibly blessed to have Carly and Jon to bring so much happiness and laughter in to your life :)

  2. scrabble may just be one of the best games ever in my opinion. i hope you have an amazing weekend right back at you

  3. i love your list! and im so happy you got to laugh a lot. its really the best feeling. such a fun party with your CEDC bitchessss!!!! i love reunions. i made some of the best friends there. and you and your boy are too cute.

    ps i will definitely be trying that think thin bar! sounds so good (but i hate the name too)

    love ya!

  4. love your list! i love making lists :) looks like loads of fun you had with your friends and boy! such a great support syestem and best friends it seems you have that is so wonderful!

    laughing until your stomach hurts is the greatest, i miss that..!

    have a great weekend love !


  5. I'm going to copy you and make a list of my own! ! heheh

    Those photos are beautiful, I quickly saw some of them in my fb live feed and reminded myself to check out your beautiful photography!

  6. i love the new starbucks cups too :)
    & that is a great list...there's nothing like laughing until your stomach hurts

    cute pix


  7. wow seems like you had a blast with your friends!! haha your friends seem like a ton of fun.

    love that photograph of the airplane :D

  8. Hahahha I love the word plethora :D

    I was meant to get a tattoo on my eighteenth, but I've been too busy with exams to get one!! Oh well, soon.

    They don't have those starbucks cups here, I don't think, I must check!!

    Love the photos, and your list.


  9. girl you forgot to tell everyone about your pasta!!! and vegiburger!!

  10. LAURA! carly just showed me your blog and i absolutely love it!! i can't wait to keep reading and i am defs gonna follow it :)
    i also have my own blog if you wanna check it out!

  11. Happy birthday to Libby:)

    And Laura, glad you're having a great time...your list ROCKS <3

  12. I love this post and I love your list! I'm so proud of you and all the things you're able to enjoy again! I remember the first time REALLY laughing again too, it's such a special feeling...
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  13. AHH Laura I LOVE YOU!
    I've had a think thin bar before...I was for the same reasons a little hesitant but it was def. worth it yum!
    what a great list! Hehe we share a same goal....try coffee from all different coffee shops!! I've only gone to a few and i have plans to try out another one on Wed! Yes, i am slowly getting my friends addicted to coffee as well =P
    I'm so happy for you! and that things are working out with john!!
    Hooray for holiday cups at Starbucks! (even though they kinda skipped thanksgiving.. ) <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. Love your photographs so much!! what kind of camera do you use? hehe, and i really like your list, LOL'ing it's the best thing eveeer! maybe i should make my own list, sometimes i feel like all i do is eat, run and blog, i need to break my rut!
    Let's grab life like a big Larabar and take some big chunks out of it, enjoying every bite :)

  15. Great post and your photos are lovely. Great list and it's always good to laugh till your stomach hurts.


  16. this is such a warm post laura!!
    i just managed to try those think thin bars and i have to say that i was quite impressed by their flavor. i had never had a protein bar but this was actually okay.
    i'm so happy for you and john! you deserve this more than anything love

  17. So glad you are finding beautiful inspirations!!!

  18. Hmm, I might try think thin bars! Although the name is bit odd...

    Glad you are having fun with your friends and john!
    <3 jess

  19. You and your boy are absolutely adorable!!! Huge fan of the list and I'm going to make one stat. I've shunned the thin bars up until now, but perhaps i will finally give them a chance...

  20. haha, stomach cramps! I once laughed so hard my face cramped up and hurt-that made me laugh even more lol :D

    <3 magdelene