Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Project: Recovery

So there are definitely exams I could be studying for, papers I could be writing, and books I could be reading...however I was feeling a little down so I decided that updating the blog would be a good idea, since it usually puts me in a good mood (that, and all the amazing comments I receive from you guys!!!)

This past weekend has probably been one of the best weekends since I got to UConn...maybe even since last year! It was Halloween weekend, as you all know, but the last thing I wanted to do was have a repeat of last year (lame party, cold weather, slight panic attack) so I was determined to enjoy myself this weekend. It started off on a good foot- my sister and her boyfriend came up and finally met John! The four of us hung out (AKA went to walmart) and it was cute.

Saturday I got to see my girl Libby!!!

Her dogs were a part of a doggy Halloween costume contest. Cute, yes. Corny? Absolutely! But we paraded around and got caught up...so it was nice!

The major event took place on Sunday though. In the past, my Eating Disorder has caused me to become extremely timid and unsocial. Isolating myself seemed more appealing than going out and not being liked by other people. However, John wanted me to meet his family on Sunday. That meant actually traveling to his town, to his house, to meet HIS family- a group of people who I absolutely CARED about what they thought. He's extremely close to them, and I was terrified that they would dislike me.

Well...turns out they actually loved me! And seriously, I felt like a part of the family the moment I walked in. He has 6 cats, 2 skinks, and a snake! I held all of them, chatted with his parents and his sister, and simply enjoyed the company and enjoyed getting to know people who could potentially become a big part in my life. It was a risk...but I took it, and I feel stronger than ever!

That, and the following, are both reasons for my title- Project: Recovery. In my last post I listed things that I was going to try to do...including daily fear foods, no more calorie counting, and being more spontaneous. I think this weekend was risky enough to be considered spontaneous...but how about those fear foods?

Saturday John and I made cupcakes...and not just ANY cupcakes, but PB&J cupcakes. Oh...yes we did! They came out one notch below incredible! (the jelly sank to the bottom =/ ) But let me tell you something girls, after working so hard to make these, nothing felt more rewarding than being able to sit down with him and eat one. Fear food #1- complete.

On Sunday he decided to surprise me by taking me to a coffee shop near his home. I can officially say this was the best coffee house I've been too. My photo's are terrible since they were taken on my phone, but I listened to LAURA and got what I wanted- a MEDIUM soy MOCHA latte. Hell fucking yes. DELISH!!

Worth. Every. Sweet. Creamy. Caffeinated. Sip.
Fear food #2- completed!!

Cupcakes and mocha latte's aren't really on the TOP of my fear food list...more like, high avoidance foods. But regardless, I'm not going to make it seem less significant than it is, because it sure felt significant!!!

And, for good measure, here are a few more pictures from this weekend-

So girls, I encourage you to bite the bullet- take the leap- don't hold back. Because every day that you hold back, you are preventing yourself from truly living your life. Eating fear foods, not calorie counting, being spontaneous- this might have left me feeling anxious, but the feelings of happiness FAR outweighed any negative emotion.

Stay strong girls. Believe.


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  1. Laura- I am SO glad you had a good weekend! Sounds awesome!!! :)

  2. laura, i am so incredibly proud of you..you are so inspiring. keep doing things that scare you! taking risks is so important, because the end result is usually positive! love always,

  3. you. are. so. inspiring! :) i loved this post made my night and gave me hope! best/most motivating post all day. love you girly! u are incredibly strong and should be super proud of all you have done. kicked ed in his ass BIG time ;) :P

    love your photography(the jeans!!!) so cool and u are so cute as is John (together u 2 ahh i die! so happy for you! u deserve so much in life darling!):)


  4. You are so inspiring lovie, and this post was amazing :) you are gorgeous by the way and so is your bf ;)
    okay well i am in love with your photography, that photo of the jeans with the hole is awesome!
    and most motivating post i have read in a while from any blog...your food challenges look amazing, soy mocha latte and pbj cupcakes :)! you showed your ED who's boss :P!!...i am now inspired to take you up on your encouragement to challenge a fear tonight :) as you said "every day that you hold back, you are preventing yourself from truly living you life. Eating fear foods, not calorie counting, being spontaneous- this might have left me feeling anxious, but the feelings of happiness FAR outweighed any negative emotion." love it. :)


  5. glad you embraced life this Halloween weekend! and um, can I have one of those cupcakes please? ;)

  6. Maybe...maybe...perhaps...I'm...okay! I'll just go out and say it!
    I"M VERY JEALOUS! hehehe

    your amazing!

  7. I am so jumping up and down for you!! I feel like I'm the one who conquered her food fear. I'm so beyond happy for you and hope we all can reach that goal.

  8. Laura!!!!! :D

    So happy for you I could burst! You are one super inspiration, sweetie!


  9. I'm so proud of you girl!!! Way to go! Those cupcakes sound fantastic. So cute that you made them together!
    <3 jess

  10. Glad to hear all this Laura... I just love reading your blog, every entry you write is inspiring, relatable, and above all... HONEST! So glad you were able to overcome your anxiety for the weekend and just enjoy yourself!! You deserve it :) And John is adorable and from your entries seems absolutely wonderful. Yay!


  11. yeah, you rock my socks off. ed can hold us back but you are showing life and happiness all things that ed takes from us. good on you.

    yummm for cupcakes, i sometimes "forget" to challenge myself but posts like this remind me of what i need to do

  12. Your happiness and strength is shining through the screen! I'm so proud of you!

    Also - the cupcakes look delicious!

  13. Way to go girl! You did great and I'm so proud! My last post is about challenges too, it's the only thing that works, isn't it? You're fantastic!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  14. what a beautiful post! and i can happily say project successful i guess ;)

  15. what an amazing girl you are! i'm so happy you are happy! keep smiling!

  16. Thanks for the giveaway! Love all of the progress! You go girl! :D

  17. hi laura :) I think this is my first comment on your blog? but i've been reading it often for a little while. I just wanted to say this post made me smile so big and inspired me so much. I don't know you but I am so happy you had such a wonderful weekend. there's so much to live for without ED!
    & josh is v. cute ;)

    LOVE the last pic of your jeans!!! ♥

  18. Hi Laura, you are such an inspiration. Your strength is so motivating, reading such a positive post made my day.
    You are making a lot of progress. Aren't soy lattes just to die for? How can one say no!?

    You are amazing,
    Much love to you

    I love the jeans picture by the way, I have one so similar that it is scary! Maybe I will post it up sometime so you can see it :)

  19. WHat a wonderful weekend Laura!! I'm glad you're totally challenging yourself to recovery and having an awesome time in the process! Those cupcakes looks delish! ive never tried a pb&j cupcake but im sure they must be worth it, since pb is good, jelly is good, what can go wrong? hehe
    lovely pics as well i loved the pic of the ripped jeans and the pics of you guys together, you make such a divine couple!

    you picked one of the best flavors in my opinion haha. If only I could bake I would make those everyday

    glad to hear you had fun at the boyf's house.

  21. Laura, I'm so incredibly proud of you. You not only talk the talk but walk the walk, and you're such a great inspiration! I think you're gonna do just fine ahead in the road...keep it up, my dear!!

  22. You're so inspiring, great job!!

    OMG PB&J CUPCAKES?! It's hard to believe, but I have never tried the PB&J combination, sad I know.


    Love Amy

  23. way to go gal! Great job! keep at it! :P any chance of sharing the PBJ cupcakes recipe? :P