Friday, December 25, 2009


You know what's good about having a bad day?
Even if the next day is mediocre, it seems 100x better!

Not that today was just mediocre. I mean, it's Christmas day after all! I got to see my family, and eat good food, give presents, and simply enjoy everything that the holiday had to offer! I was a bit nervous going into today though, seeing how yesterday went...but things ran smoothly and I even challenged myself to a few things!

Such as one of each of these:

Walking into my Grandma's house, I didn't think I would have the courage to grab a few of my favorite desserts, but once the desserts were out and I realized how much I was craving one I decided that it's Christmas...and there is no reason why I shouldn't treat myself to my favorite foods. Plus...I would probably end up eating everything in the house until I got my hands on these two peanut butter wonders! And you know what? After I had them I didn't feel an urge to binge, nor did I feel any ounce of guilt. I felt happy...I felt content. And although my stomach wasn't used to such sweet treats, my mouth was thanking me for it!

Food aside, I also managed to be a little bit spoiled in the present department. Here are a few things I received this year....Santa was good to me!

My sister and I saw this brand on a Food Network special and we kept saying that we needed to order it, but never did! So my sister got me this sampler basket...I can't wait to dig in! Or perhaps, "pour-up"!
Super Scrabble! For all my scrabble fixes.
And a new camera!! As many of you know, I currently use a canon powershot....a pretty big one actually. And it's AMAZING for photography and shooting and such, however it can get a little awkward lugging that around to social events. Enter- Nikon Coolpix!!

I truly love spending time with my family. There's just something so comforting about being surrounded by people who love you, for you. It's something that I often overlook and take for granted, and days like today remind me that I have so much to be thankful for, even in times when it seems like there is nothing.

I'll be updating again soon! John is coming up to visit tomorrow, and my mom and I are waking up bright and early to hopefully locate a decently priced Keurig!!

Happy Christmas everyone!


  1. New camera!! Awesome! ANd I agree, having a bad day makes the next one so much better!

  2. I so happy that you were able to have a good day today! It sounds like you really allowed yourself to have a relaxing and enjoyable time.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. wow your camera takes beautiful pics! what a GREAT day girl-you are awesome!!

  4. When I have a really crappy day I always try to comfort myself by saying that day's badness automatically means tomorrow HAS to be better ;) You rock hardcore for challenging yourself with those cookies. Rockstar status for sure! And Super Scrabble=amazing. I'm Grinch green with jealousy lol!


  5. i am so glad today is better for you :) way to treat yourself- honestly, my mom asked me what i ate at my boyfriend's family's xmas dinner for dessert and i said i ate a few bites of the dessert. I thought she'd maybe be disappointed I didn't eat it all but instead hse said "good. that is normal! we don't need a fULL dessert.. some is just right. that shows you are on the right track" so think of it like that. you are awesome!! love your pictures & this post. i also lovee family gatherings bc i remember how lucky i am to have people who genuinely care for me.


  6. Darling,
    From what it appears, you had a wonderful Christmas- you should feel proud of yourself. Really own it. There's nothing I love more than some quality family togetherness and bonding over board games (in moderation of course heh).

    Embrace and enjoy the day
    Rebecca <3

  7. i dont know if this posted before, but anyways I am so proud that you treated yourself to those delicious cookies because its what YOU wanted :D Im so proud of you!!

    happy holidays

    ps. love all the coffee

  8. Merry xmas Laura!!!! it might have been challenging but i'm glad you had one of your favorite treats at your grandma! i hope you had the best time ever :), sourrounded by your family !
    your gifts look amazing, i also got a camera! it's a waterproof fujifilm, because i'm so clumsy i always get the cameras wet somehow :S it's so odd...
    i send you a big hug!! have a nice day!

  9. So glad you had a good day! And Santa was very good to you!! hehe I hope you got your keurig!
    That little boy (im assuming your cousin!?) SO ADORABLE!!! Omg that pic brought the biggest smile to my face! hehehe
    So proud of you girl! Glad you challenged yourself, and enjoyed yourself in the process. Have fun with John!! <3 <3 <3

  10. new cam? cha chinnnnng!!! you deserve it honey -- you have grown so much this past year! Exhibit A: those cookies. AMAZING, Laur! I am ridiculously proud of you!

  11. so glad you are able to enjoy your day:D you so deserve it girly! Your photos are beautiful! you can see YOUR smile <3
    you light your familys life, babes!

  12. So happy you enjoyed your day! And your photos are so beautiful - what a gorgeous family you have.

    Hannah xo

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