Sunday, December 20, 2009

A snowy start

Hello girls!
Christmas vacation has FINALLY arrived, and I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am! I was planning on spending all of today just lounging around the house (I mean, there WAS about a foot of snow covering everything!) but my sister and I decided to suck it up and be TRUE New Englanders and hit the shops! Little tip- if you want a completely empty mall, shop on the day of a snowstorm! NO ONE was out, but my sister and I managed to spend over 4 hours getting all of our shopping done! Then we came home and wrapped EVERYTHING. Mission accomplished.

I've also made a few discovery's over the past few days. Let me explain-

Number 1. I am, in fact, the salt shaker balancing queen.

Number 2. As incredible as peanut butter and almond butter are when solo, they come together in an almost too-good-to-be-good-for-you way!
Crunchy Crunchy! Harry&David and I are getting married soon.

Number 3. I have a new obsession with ballets...

And hats...

I actually had a video all ready for your viewing pleasure, but youtube is failing me and refusing to upload I suppose instead of movie time, it's going to be story time.

Friday morning I sat up in bed and saw something fuzzy and white on the floor. Initially I was thinking "great, the girls next door TP'ed our room this time. wonderful!" but once I put my glasses on, I realized that was not the case!

Hershey bars and a Christmas card included-

I couldn't believe it! How could our neighbors have put so much thought into something like this?! They even filled our stockings with movies and candy (I got to mine before I snapped the picture. Don't judge.)

I spent the rest of the morning waiting for them to wake up so I could go and thank them for being so generous! While I was studying for my calc test however, Alicia, her boyfriend, and John came back (she had spent the night at her boy's dorm and John had given them a ride back.) I jumped up so excited to show them all what the girls next door did for us, but the moment I mentioned the girls' names, both Dave and John's face's dropped.
I knew instantly why.
Turns out they stole Alicia's keys when she fell asleep, drove over here at 3:30 IN THE MORNING, broke into our dorm, and spent two. whole. hours. moving at a snails pace trying their very best to make absolutely no noise in the pitch black, just to set this up for us to wake up to!!!
How creepily romantic.
They call themselves the stealth ninjas. I just tell them they're lucky we didn't wake up. That could have caused a few issues..

It's getting late, and I have a full day planned for tomorrow, which includes phone calls to Laurel Hill as well as Hasbro Children's Hospital (I'm going to be a volunteer!), working at Panera from 11:30-3, seeing my girl Carly for a MORE than overdo visit, and hopefully being able to have an intake appointment at LH for their IOP program. Wish me luck!

But before I go, the beautiful Lexi gave this to me-

Thank you so much Lex!!
Here are seven random things about me:

1. I drink coffee like it's my job. I don't remember the last time I woke up and put something in my stomach before coffee. I start my day with two cups even before breakfast!

(photo courtesy of weheartit)

2. I rarely EVER study for exams. Most of the time I'm just pretending to study.

3. I stress out over everything. In fact, I stress out about not stressing when I think I SHOULD be stressing because everyone else is! ie. finals!

4. When I'm nervous or frustrated, I laugh. When I got into my first serious car accident, and the cop came over to the car- I laughed.

5. I absolutely love scrabble. I have the application on my phone and play the real game a few times a week. In fact, the only two things I wanted for Christmas was the Super Scrabble board and a Keurig.

6. I'm not a huge fan of receiving gifts. Not that I don't appreciate them and look forward to them, but I feel like I can never truly show the giver how genuinely thankful I am...and that upsets me.

7. My true passion in life is to help people. I think the best feeling in the world is making someone's life just a little bit better- and I aim to accomplish that at least once a day.



  1. I want to be the salt shaker queen! I WANT TO!

    I might be just a bit jealous of your skill!


  2. Love your 7 things. You're welcome for the award! Your blog is truly one of my favorites!

    That almond butter looks divine!
    Glad you are FINALLY on break!
    Love you!

  3. Laura!!
    I love you first of all. Please make sure you take care of yourself though, you worry me probably the most out of all my friends...

  4. "I am the salt shaker balancing queen" hahaha! Made me laugh :) Hope you're enjoying your break - we've got TONS of snow here too. Too much to go anywhere!


  5. p.s. I do have a dauschand! Her name's Cara, but we call her Klunky, cause she's klunky, haha. She's a little princess ;)

  6. omg seriously this post makes me so happy! You new found love for hats (i am the hat queen up here), the nut butter find, the christmas gifts from the boys (what dedication) and your 7 things! I adore coffee too! I sometimes cant have breakie until I get my coffee in me either. When I work I alsways make my SF lattes befor clocking in and hosting because I am never awake at 8AM.

  7. you and your boyfriend are ADORABLE!! and you look so cute in hats-i totally cant pull it off!

  8. look at you miss salt shaker-whisperer! Mad skillz.

    Aw the boy, he is just ridiculously romantic. The stockings were so so so sweet!!!

    p.s. can we please just get together and drink coffee and play scrabble? Thanks :)


  9. very impressive! i love your 7 facts! i feel the same way abotu numba 7. I never feel like i really truely deserve what they give me too.
    I love your profile picture (sorry for being late to notice!)

  10. you are so adorable! i'm so glad it's break and you get to spend it at home. jealous of your boyfriend and college friends!

  11. coffee is my favorite. so good to hear from you :) you look so happy and beautiful in the pictures! that pb/ab sounnds sooo good


  12. What a fun day, love all the pics! That salt one is so cool :)

  13. Hehe Laura I love you, and your many talents! =D
    What a great Boyfriend John is, thats just soo romantic!! AND the nutcracker I love that ballet I used to go see it every year, however the only version I saw this year was little children I bsit for but it was delightful non the less!
    Keep laughing, even if its at the complete wrong'll live longer xD
    #7 is my favorite! And it definitely shines through <3 Whats the volunteer work your doing at Hasbro!? Hope the intake went well, so happy to see u taking care of yourself girl! <3 <3 <3

  14. oh my gosh that almond butter looks divine!! I love when nut butters are runny haha.

    glad to hear that all is well and that your super happy :) you and the bof are cute :D

  15. oh oh oh! I'll play scrabble with you any day! :D

    Love that you and your roomies have stocking! We should have done that!

    Peanut AND Almond butter....MMM!

  16. merry chrismtas to you laura!! hope you have a wonderful time